WinFreight is a leading developer of a complete set of logistics management software suites in and around South Africa that transform the way logistics and warehousing is done. These solutions are exceptional tools for saving time and money, all while enhancing the value of your operations and the experience of your clients.

Here we will be taking a deeper dive into one such suite, the WinFreight WMS Software solution that has been specifically developed for warehousing companies, a tool that streamlines daily operations, enhances your approach to customer services and account management, provides seamless accessibility with mobile functionality, supplies useful real time technical information, and a host of versatile power tools that help you do so much more, a bit more easily.

Let’s take a closer look at these power tools offered by our warehouse management systems:


Our WMS Software provides warehouses with a more streamlined approach to managing and monitoring cashflow with an integrated system that allows you to keep closer tabs on billing across operations, as well as their overall cost to your warehouse.

This provides you with in-depth, accurate, and real-time information about transport billing for goods moving to and from warehouses or depots, storage billing and costs for goods situated in warehouses, as well as the personnel, facility, and utility billing for handling goods.

This helps streamline accounts management in your warehouse which not only improves cashflow, but also frees up your time and efforts for other core areas of your warehouse management tasks.


Our WMS Software can be seamlessly integrated into numerous existing handheld devices and systems. This not only makes management and notifications simpler, but also ensures that there is a minimal change to your system on the user’s end, which means you won’t need to spend time training up your staff, or yourself.

These mobile integration functions allow for SMS notifications on the movement, positioning, and condition of stock that come to you in real-time, allowing for full monitoring of storage in your warehouse.

Our software can also be integrated into handheld scanners for use with in-warehouse functions.


The WMS Software suite from Winfreight also provides your warehouse with a seamless and highly functional online customer portal, which brings numerous advantages to your warehouse, and adds plenty of value for your clients.

The online customer portal makes it easier for you to cohesively manage customer accounts in an easy-to-use online platform that offers reporting and full customer details.

On the client’s end, they can use the online customer portal to check the status of their goods in storage or transit, can manage and pay their accounts, and can contact you more easily if they have questions or concerns.


Our WMS software suite also provides your facility with in-depth, real-time, and accurate reporting on all aspects of your warehouse, its operations, customer accounts, and the movement and storage of all goods.

These reporting metrics give you an intuitive overview and module for control for all stock, bin locations, batch management, stock take, cycle counts, billing, costs to your operations, dispatch and receiving, and more.

This not only gives you the perfect overview of every detail of your warehouse’s operations, but it does so in real-time through your own private online dashboard, but also through SMS notifications.


If you would like to know more about using our WMS Software in your operations, be sure to visit the WinFreight website today.