The right freight management system should do so much more than simply manage your supply chains. Modern business, especially in the transport and logistics sectors is becoming more complex by the day, more fraught with important decisions, things that need to be monitored, mediations that need to be made, and reports to be logged and analysed.

Because of this, a freight management system that simply manages the transport of goods is simply no longer enough, your business needs a solution that handles and enhances all areas of your business operations; from the movement of goods, right through to managing cashflow, client accounts, and customer service.

Fortunately, Winfreight does all this and more, with a turnkey software offering that helps you streamline, manage, and enhance all areas of your logistics or warehousing business.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Winfreight FMS & Courier Software can do for the different departments of your business…


At the heart of any functional freight management software is the primary focus of streamlining your transport and logistic operations. This is an essential part of any freight company’s operations because this is where the bulk of expenses and time is spent and being able to economise these two resources, in particular, is essential for success and growth.

Poorly optimised routes will result in substandard service, late deliveries, delays, and most importantly, exaggerated expenses where fuel, vehicle maintenance, and transport fees are concerned. The smart courier company ensures that these variables are optimised, that routes are shortened, schedules are set and adhered to in a way that makes the most of available time, fuel, and money.

Following that there is the matter of maintaining and monitoring the condition of your fleet, and the larger and more complex it gets, the more difficult this task becomes.

Being able to forecast when downtime will be suffered for maintenance, repairs, and replacements for vehicles is an important part of managing freight operations, and mistakes can lead to losses, delays, and wasted time… not to mention higher expenses for vehicle upkeep.

While traditionally, some of these factors have been managed by various types of software, many others have had to be done manually, leading to the potential for human error and elevated costs. Our freight management software, on the other hand, makes it a primary goal to see to it that every inch of your production tasks is handled with absolute accuracy when streamlining all areas of your operations.

Our software does this by enhancing each point in the supply chain thanks to accessible and accurate load captures which can be printed or emailed for confirmation. The software also gives courier and warehouse managers an overview of all operations, reports, and management tools, to make administration that much easier.

This means less time managing operations while incurring fewer losses from errors. While this is definitely one of the more important functions of our freight management software, it is not the only thing it does.


Of course, freight management is just one part of your business, while one of the other more critical areas is how you manage your relationship with your customers, how you see to their expectations, offer them support, handle disputes, and generally take care of their satisfaction. Your business has been built on a service offered to clients, so keeping those clients happy is an absolute necessity.

Customer service and support is largely something that most industries handle with a degree of manual action. It is a critical part of most businesses, and so plenty of resources, man-hours, and effort is spent on these necessary tasks.

The problem is that most freight companies have a massive network of clients, or at the very least, aim to grow their client-base to the point where managing them starts to get a little complicated. Even with the best systems in place, human error is always a factor of concern, and when dealing with your customers directly you would rather put your best foot forward.

But if customer support services are not managed correctly, getting this right can be a frustrating and fruitless experience for some.

Fortunately, our freight management software offers features that handle so much more than the movement of cargo, it also provides you with numerous powerful tools for taking better care of your clients by enhancing your approach to customer support.

With tools such as document imaging, storing, and access control. Management for proofs of delivery,  and reporting tools that help you keep tabs on teams in your supply chain, you will have a much better time providing top-tier customer support that is backed by verifiable information about your customers’ needs and concerns, while being able to monitor the quality and effectiveness of the services you offer them, and their experiences of those.

This in turn creates an environment of transparency between you and your clients, builds their trust in your business, and helps to retain and grow your client base seamlessly.


Dealing with customers is about more than just offering them exceptional support services as well, for just about any type of company there is a critical need to effectively manage their accounts on a continual basis, and the more complex the client-base becomes, the more difficult this can become.

Your customer accounts are responsible for healthy cash flow, providing them with the service they signed up for, managing their expectations and facilitating your own operations correctly.

Sending out invoices, chasing up on late payments, providing credit, and many other factors, are all reliant on watertight account management which can sometimes get so complicated that entire teams of people are hired to ensure that they are managed correctly.

This, while being an absolutely essential part of your overall operations, is something that is time-consuming and costly, but no business can really afford to ignore the ever-important tasks of managing customer accounts. People also make mistakes, no matter how proficient they are at something, and mistakes in account management can lead to losses, both in terms of money and in terms of customers.

Having said this, having a freight management system that goes the extra mile to assist you with account management can be an invaluable asset for logistics companies.

Our courier company software does just that with account management features that are integrated seamlessly and enhance the way you manage your clients. For instance, this software provides you with tools that are easy to use and allow you to automate the way billing is handled so that it can be streamlined.

Additionally, it assists with haulier management, and makes it easy to store and access contact information for clients whenever it is needed.

These might seem like small tasks, but when you collate the time and effort taken to do it for all your customers, it is easy to see why automation can save your business hundreds of hours of effort.


Here at Winfreight, we are a leading team of developers with a range of specialised software suites for freight and warehouse management. If you would like to know more about our complete array of software offers, be sure to visit our website today, or get in contact with us at +27 10 001 0040 for details.